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Axis Football

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Do you know about Axis Football? This is an exclusively unique flash game that can be played for absolute fun and gaming experience. In this game, players ought to select their team from 14 teams available. A player with therefore strive to lead their team victory. This exquisitely unique game is perhaps very simple to play while at the same time equipping players with relevant skills. Axis Football game features 4 levels basically Rookie, Pro, All-star and Hall of fame. Rookie is always a beginner game and is designed for new players who want to learn about football and thus improve their skills. Once a player has mastered Rookie, he may choose to move to the next level game which is actually "Pro". Pro is a mid level game and can be played by virtually all the players. All star and Hall of fame are somehow advanced and is designed for seasoned players who want to experience a tough gaming experience. They are both fast games and thus require a lot of skills and mastery. In order for you to play Axis Football, you must first learn a few dynamics of the game such as ball passing, shooting and running. Players can therefore use the Arrow keys to move a player and also use spacebar for speed burst. These two keys are specifically meant to enhance running in the Axis Football game. In order to control passes and change players, you will be required to use left mouse keys. For instance, left mouse click is used for a normal pass, left mouse click + hold for bullet pass, one mouse click for selecting a player next or rather close to the ball for defence and control the player with the ball when you are in offensive side. Therefore, the entire game is definitely easy to learn and play thus the best gaming experience for both novice and new players. It is just wow!

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